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The mythical ethnic problem – II

It is very difficult for a weekly column to write on a topic in instalments as it has to comment on current topics as well. Recently it has become a common phenomenon to observe people coming to the roads and blocking them, setting fire to tyres and making mayhem against some or other police action.


Commonwealth Report by Eminent Persons

It is too easy an exercise for the 11-member Eminent Persons Group to tell the 54 Commonwealth nations, that unless human rights are respected that the Commonwealth of Nations will face demise.


Three Women on the Tiger Trail

That the LTTE propagandists of today know the value of women in their work is no different to the importance the military leadership of the Tamil Tigers attached to women who they trained as suicide cadres, to carry some of the most bloody terrorist activities in Sri Lanka and India.


Human Rights Act

May: Scrap the Human Rights Act

Home Secretary calls for hated laws to be axed

HOME Secretary Theresa May risked angering the Lib Dems by calling for the hated Human Rights Act to be axed last night.