Canberra Sri Lanka HC mum about the crap dished out on ABC’s 7.30


Media Release                                                                                           3 August 2015

Canberra Sri Lanka HC mum about the crap dished out on ABC’s 7.30

As reported by Australia’s ABC’s 7.30 report of today, Canberra’s  Sri Lanka High Commission has declined the opportunity to comment on the crap and canards dished out by two Sri Lankan boat people Tamil refugees, by the infamous Bruce Haig, by the program producer and by the ‘Freedom from Torture’ Policy Institute on its program.


The vitriolic ranting against Sri Lanka went on for 10 minutes, and the ABC took refuge against the ‘balanced reporting’ requirement by quoting that the Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra and the AFP had declined to come on the program. However, there are several prominent Sri Lankan organisations or other resources ABC could have called to provide a balanced view, and these had been readily available having been used by the ABC over the past 10 years.

In the 7.30 Report, the Australian AFP is being accused of providing support, funding and technology resources to the Sri Lanka’s Police Criminal Investigations Deportment (CID) since 2009 to provide capacity development of the institution, an institute accused by the presenters as a torture agent.  

The old game of propaganda has started again with the ABC showing faceless individuals coached by the Tamil Tigers accusing torture and a ‘white van culture’ by the Sri Lanka government and this time as as recent as 3 weeks back. 

These are desperate persons clinging to the last straw attempting to stop their deportation to Sri Lanka under the very effective ‘stop the boat people policy’ of the Liberals. As an ‘election come-back’ ploy this policy was adopted by the Labor party at its Convention a week ago. So, it has become a ripe time for the Tamil Tiger to show raise its head in Australia with their aim of settling as many boat people Tamils to create a future terrorist support base. 

What irks the Sri Lankans most is the dismantling of the most effective counter-canard responses  had earlier in the High Commissioner Admiral Tisara Samarasinghe, and in the Sydney Consul General Bandula Jayasekera. Both became persona non-grata, and were dished from their jobs soon after the January 8 Presidential elections.

Today, leaving aside defending other age old cooked up allegations against Sri Lanka, there is no voice in Canberra even to defend the three week old incidents of a so called white van culture, and the allegations of torture happening during the watch of the new President Maithripala Sirisena and his ‘miraculously conceived’ Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. 

A shame on you both for allowing the good name of your country to be publicly trashed in this manner by a fellow Commonwealth state owned broadcaster the ABC. If ABC’s statement is true, your paid puppets in Canberra have come here just on a vacation, have no knowledge of what the Tamil Tigers and their vociferous supporters are capable of, and cannot face up to the media to defend Sri Lanka.

The well known facts are, the British Government has proven bogus cases of fake deep torture marks created surgically under anaesthesia by Tamil Tiger surgeons. The difference in today’s sham show was that these are just body scratches made by a simple Tamil Tiger GP to enable a successful asylum claim.

Pium Attanayake                                                             Nimal Liyanage


President                                                                            Spokesperson/ Secretary  

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