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27.March 2015

The recent statements by senior Sri Lankan Government sources that the proscription on LTTE front organisations will be lifted present a serious threat to the national security and unitary status of Sri Lanka.


The purpose of introducing the ban based on the UN Security Council Resolution 1373 was to prohibit the LTTE connected organisations from resorting to overt and covert actions in financing the separatist terrorist movement in Sri Lanka and supplying arms for the violence perpetrated by the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

As a small nation, Sri Lanka is not equipped with highly sophisticated intelligence organisations like RAW, CIA, KGB, MI6 etc. but relies on the intelligence units within the military and the police.  One should not forget the fact Sri Lanka’s war against the LTTE lasted for 35 years mainly due the funds and arms supplied to the LTTE by foreign based organizations which at times worked with international spy agencies over which Sri Lanka had no control.

Furthermore, some members of LTTE front-organisations have entered Sri Lanka and taken part in bunker & boat construction, technology transfer and weapons training.  It is for these reasons that several Tiger Diaspora leaders were personally honoured with the title of ‘Maamanithar’ (the highest national honour of Tamil Eelam) by the former LTTE leader.  To this day, the LTTE lobby continues to carry out false and vicious propaganda against the government & people, the armed forces, the businesses and even the Cricket team of Sri Lanka.   

In addition, at present a few of the Western nations are interfering with the internal politics of Sri Lanka due mainly to the electoral pressures exerted by extremist Tamil lobbies in their respective countries.

Thus, Sri Lanka is placed in an unenviable position to depend on its own resources and strength to protect its vital interests against subversion engineered from foreign sources.  In addition to the UN Resolution 1373 which direct the members Nations to 1) enforce international obligations and laws that require to adhere to the rule pf law, 2) defeat terrorist organizations by enforcing UN resolution endorsed by the member Nations, Sri Lanka’s own Constitution as per the Article 157A requires that all steps are taken to prohibit against the violation of the territorial integrity of the country.

Sri Lanka took a legitimate, intelligent and democratic step of protecting its national security and territorial integrity, by placing a ban on the following organisations as practiced by other Nations.

1.       L.T.T.E

2.       Tamil Coordinating Committee

3.       Tamil Rehabilitation Organization

4.       British Tamil Forum

5.       World Tamil Movement

6.       Canadian Tamil Congress

7.       Australian Tamil Congress

8.       Global Tamil Forum

9.       National Council of Canadian Tamils

10.   Tamil National Council

11.    Tamil Youth Organization

12.   World Tamil co-ordinating Council

13.   Trans National Government of Tamil Eelam

14.   Tamil Eelam People’s assembly

15.   World Tamil Relief Fund16 Head Quarter’s Group.

Under the provisions of the UN Resolution 1373, the member countries are obliged to 1)criminalize the wilful provision of collection, directly or indirectly , funds terrorism 2)freeze resources of persons, who commit, or attempt to commit terrorist acts either by their nationals or those in their territory 3)supress the financing of terrorism , and 4) prohibit their nationals or any person and entities within their territories from making any funds, financial assets or economic resources available to terrorists.

If some of the nations in the world turn a blind eye to the spectre of Tamil armed violence and terrorism, is it not fair for Sri Lanka to take action in keeping with the spirit of the said UN resolution and the Sri Lanka Constitution.?

We appeal to His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka and all patriotic Members of Parliament NOT TO LIFET BAN ON THE LTTE FRONTS AND INDIVIDUALS as it will pave way for the disintegration of the country and create chaos and instability similar to the days we had in 70s .80s and 90s when thousands of civilians were targeted by the terrorists.

We also kindly appeal to the Members of the Maha Sanga, the Members of the Clergy of other religions and Civil Society organisations to voice their opinion on the extreme danger in lifting the ban on these proscribed LTTE fronts and individual in order to protect the people and the Nation.

Ranjith Soysa


Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (Victoria)

Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (NSW)

Western Australia Society for Peace, Unity and Rehabilitation in Sri Lanka (WA)

Veera Parakramabahu Foundation Inc. (NSW)

Sinhala Cultural Association of Australia Inc. (ACT)

Sinhala Cultural and Community Services Foundation (VIC)

Jatika Ekamuthwa- Victoria

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