The Easter Day carnage destroyed over 250 lives of the innocent civilians and injured more than 500. It was one of the darkest days

of Sri Lanka’s history. We, at SPUR extend our deepest condolences to all affected by the unfortunate incidents especially to our Christian

brothers and sisters. We wish them more strength to overcome their grief and help in the rebuilding and rehabilitation of their lives and


It is very clear that the Islamic terrorists were able to carry out their dastardly acts mainly due to the INACTION AND INEFFICIENCY of the present

government and the weak security and intelligence establishment. It is indeed strange why the Government refused to take note of the intelligence

information provided by India and other sources. In addition, the frequent interference in the law and order machinery by the influential government

Muslim politicians giving protection to the suspected Islamic activists and their support net-work too was a factor which nourished the terror groups to

mount a such a devastating attack on the civilian population.

We have to march unitedly to rebuild Sri Lanka where all ethnic and religious groups have to stand united sinking their differences. The violence has no

place in this effort to rebuild confidence and co-operation. All Sri Lankans should resolve to allow good governance to be strengthened and to help the  law and order

to be re-established firmly without resorting to unlawful acts by condoning hooliganism. We should support and provide useful information to the Police and

the Defence Services who are trying their best to restore calm and to apprehend the terrorists and their supporters.

We request the government to re-instate all the intelligence service personnel now under arrest and on bail without being prosecuted and re-structure our

strong Intelligence establishment and other security organizations to enable them to redraw the NATIONAL SECURITY PLAN to stop the innocent civilians

becoming prey to the terrorism. We wasted about 30 years in planning to get rid of the Tamil Tigers and let us not open another door for any type of terrorism as

Sri Lanka as a Nation and as a Country  cannot afford such calamities .

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