Monthly Archive: February 2020


Jaffna Tamils trapped inside their historical vacuum

By H.L.D Mahindapala Dr. Murugar Gunasingam is a path-breaking and indefatigable Tamil historian who earned his doctorate based on his exploratory history of the Jaffna Tamils of Sri Lanka. He undertook this mission of discovering the history of Jaffna when he “first realised that no one had ever written a...


US decision to restrict Sri Lankan army commander’s travel to USA

MEDIA RELEASE 20thFebruary 2020 Global Sri Lankan Forum   The Global Sri Lanka Forum –Executive Committee (GSLF-Ex.Com.) condemns decision by the US Government to restrict Lieutenant General Shavindra Silva and his family members’ travel to USA. At the same time, we commend the position taken by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and...