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Tamil Diaspora’s impediments to peace in Sri Lanka

Since LTTE emerged in 1972, it assassinated a president, a prime minister, Tamil and Sinhalese politicians, GOSL ministers and innocent Tamil and Sinhalese civilians.


It’s reality check time for critics of Sri Lanka

Since Bruce Haigh (”Diplomats paint one-sided picture of Sri Lanka”, December 28, p15) has singled me out by name for defending my country – which is my duty as Sri Lanka’s consul-general in Sydney – I would point out that he shouldn’t have rushed into places where better informed commentators would fear to tread.


Assistance to Floods affected Families

Joint Appeal of Dharmavijaya Foundation and Red Lotus Humanitarian Organisation to assist families acutely affected by the Recent Floods in Sri Lanka

Although the end of the world did not occur as predicted by some, Sri Lanka experienced a very devastating week caused by the worsening flood havoc caused by the reactivation of the North East Monsoon. It is forecast that this inclement weather situation will continue this week as well.


Houston backs Sri Lankan send backs

Former defence force chief Angus Houston has backed the government’s policy of sending people back to Sri Lanka, if they are found to be seeking asylum for economic rather than humanitarian reasons.